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Rediscover the superpower of human connection.

“The entire experience was incredibly engaging, leaving a lasting impact on the team. The process was truly thought-provoking and inspiring” - Nila

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Corporate , Classroom, Community

Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

Research-based workshops & 'keynotes with connection' designed to:

  • Enable reflection, self-awareness and well-being

  • Build relationships within teams

  • Promote kindness and respect (for self and others)

  • Foster deep connection through authentic communication

  • Understand and connect to First Nations culture


"The aim of the Spoke experience is to help individuals and teams understand, anticipate and ultimately protect themselves against internal loneliness and the associated dangers.


We have assembled an amazing and diverse group of likeminded people and, along with our team of First Nations advisors, we integrate Indigenous methods with our experiences, including the practice of deep listening (to self and others) to support true connection.

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