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"Rediscover the superpower of human connection"

Awareness of the challenges of disconnection, including loneliness, anxiety and depression is at an all time high. What's lacking are the necessary levels of aftercare, ongoing support and long term strategy.


In a world that continues to gather pace, often to the detriment of our most valuable resources (time and true connection) we all need an opportunity to consider what truly matters. How does Spoke benefit everyone?

The Individual:

Intrapersonal understanding is the first step in ensuring that your 'wheel' keeps moving forward. The responsibilities that we face in our professional and personal life invariably impact the responsibilities, that we all have, to our own well-being and that of the ones we cherish most.

With improved self awareness, vulnerability and kindness, we can we can make an immediate and positive impact on both present, and future generations and relationships.

The Organisation:

Research shows that for every dollar invested in workplace wellbeing there is a return on investment of between 300 and 600%. Workplace wellbeing programs result in an estimated 25% decrease in absenteeism, a 40% decrease in workers compensation costs. Employee health risk factors can be reduced by as much as 56% and employee engagement is 5 times more likely in an organisation focused on wellbeing. But the primary reason for engaging Spoke? Because as individuals, and as an organisation, you care.

The Family:

Whatever your "family unit" looks like, safe and supportive familial networks are the bedrock of an individual's well being. Communication, team work, quality time and a sense of belonging are important attributes in building positive family ties. While conflict is a normal part of family life, healthy families deal with such issues in a respectful way and navigate difficult times with positive coping strategies. Developing and maintaining strong relationships with your 'spokes' is a critical aspect in an individual's sense of self-worth, self-esteem, purpose; and ability to contribute to the wider community.

The Community:

Humans have always existed and thrived through social interaction and by belonging to groups. Being an active part of a community or group gives individuals a sense of value, purpose and positive identity. Connecting through a shared interest or a common-cause allows individuals to feel valued and to share their personal skills or talents. Contributing to a community creates a positive ripple effect of well-being and emotional connectedness.


SPOKE is a social enterprise that combines stories of lived experience with practical workshops, designed to help individuals and teams identify and truly connect with the most important and influential people in their lives. Their “SPOKES”.


Spoke is built around the metaphor of the wheel. When your "spokes" are strong, the wheel can turn effectively. If your "spokes" are broken or weakened the wheel will struggle to move forward.

Spoke invites individuals and organisations to identify and recognise their "spokes"; the most significant people in your family, community and workplace. Those who genuinely support you to keep your wheels turning.

Spoke encourages personal reflection on the concept of the "spokes" in your life; reflection that actively leads to self awareness, personal wellbeing and stronger intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships.


Whilst the term Spoke is used as a play on the concept of a wheel, it also connects to the importance of communication and the spoken word. True and meaningful connection through communication is the bedrock of Spoke.


Connection and Acknowledgment are at the core of everything we do.

Thank you, for giving us the opportunity to tune out of our everyday routine to learn something new about ourselves and each other”- Jen

Our Mission

Our Mission

Through kindness, curiosity and compassion, we will help individuals identify, acknowledge and strengthen their spokes, enabling them to connect more authentically with themselves and those around them. 


Our mission is to help people create stronger and happier relationships at work, at home and in communities; through authentic connection and communication.


Our Vision

A world where every individual has identified, understood and strengthened the relationships they have with themselves and the most important people in their lives. Their Spokes.

Help keep the wheels in motion.

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